Troubleshooting Problems With A Chest-Type Home Freezer

Having a chest-style deep freezer tucked away in your basement, garage, or otherwise will mean that you have a way to preserve food for as long as a few years in some cases. If you are like a lot of people who own a deep freezer, it will stay filled with an extra stash of food that you rely on to feed your family. Therefore, when something starts to go wrong, it can cause a fair amount of panic because you are facing the loss of all of that food you have inside. Here are a few of the most common problems with chest-type deep freezers and the potential causes you should know. 

Problem: Your freezer is developing more ice buildup than usual. 

Cause and Solution: Your freezer will naturally accumulate some frost and ice on the walls and lid. However, if this ice starts to build up a great deal, it is a good sign that there is too much condensation occurring inside of the freezer. Condensation occurs when the cold air inside the freezer collides with warmer air outside. Therefore, excess frosting could be a sign that your freezer lid is not closing and sealing properly. Close the lid of the freezer and look for gaps around the seal. If you spot any signs of damage or cracks, your door seal will have to be replaced. 

Problem: The freezer temperature is rising and your foods are starting to thaw. 

Cause and Solution: Your freezer may be in defrost mode, which is a normal occurrence to prevent ice buildup inside of the chest. Automatic defrosting usually happens on occasion and does not last long enough to allow the foods inside to fully thaw. Many modern freezers have a light to indicate when the freezer is in automatic defrost, but if yours does not, give the freezer about an hour and check back. If the temperature is still rising, your cooling motor may be failing and should be replaced. 

Problem: The freezer is leaking water from the bottom. 

Cause and Solution: All freezers do have a drainage outlet that allows water out when the freezer is defrosted. If your freezer is leaking water from the bottom in small quantities, this is likely due to a regular defrosting session that is automatic with most freezer types. However, if your freezer starts leaking an excessive amount of water, it could be a sign the freezer's condenser is failing. Check your freezer over the course of a few hours to see if it is maintaining a temperature below freezing. If it is not, you will likely have to have the condenser replaced by a technician. 

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