Used Restaurant Appliances For Sale: Three Things To Consider And Do Before You Buy Them

If you are just getting started in the restaurant business and you do not have a lot of money to spend, you may be looking for affordable restaurant appliances. Used appliances are a good option, but you also have to be careful with what you buy. Here are three things to consider (and what you need to do) before you buy used restaurant appliances.

Have the Appliances Examined by a Restaurant Regulations Inspector

Cheap, used restaurant appliances are great, but not so great if you buy them, install them, and then find out that the restaurant inspector tells you they have to go. Before you purchase your used appliances, see if you can have the regulations inspector check them out for code violations. It will prevent you from buying anything that will cost you thousands of dollars in do-over expenses.

Scrubbing, Cleaning, Sanitizing and Connecting Used Appliances

Used appliances that pass the pre-purchase inspection will also require a lot of scrubbing, cleaning, sanitizing and connecting before you can fire them up or plug them in. All of your cooking surfaces and cooking appliances have to be spotless before you open, or the health inspector will shut you down before you can open your doors. If you decide to purchase this equipment anyway and you are not daunted by the amount of scrubbing, cleaning, and sanitizing it will require to get these pieces ready, then you still have to contest with wiring them into your restaurant kitchen for electricity, gas/propane, etc. Be sure all of the connections you need for these used appliances are already present in your restaurant's kitchen or you will have to spend even more money to remodel and install the correct connections and wiring.

Consider Buying Used Restaurant Appliances from a Reputable Source

Another option to consider is to buy used restaurant appliances from a reputable source only.  It bypasses some functionality issues that may come with buying used appliances from another restaurant that is closing its doors. This may also help cut some red tape, since the reputable sellers have to have the appliances inspected before they can put them up for sale. Many times, the used appliances are reconditioned so that they are guaranteed to work, guaranteed to pass building inspections and pass the most widely used restaurant codes. Additionally, these appliances are scrubbed clean, polished and ready to go, with no extra elbow grease needed to make them health-code ready.

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