STOP! Do Not Throw Your Refrigerator Out Until You Read How To Fix Common Issues

So many people get frustrated with their refrigerators that they try to throw them away. There is just one major problem with that. Most city garbage collectors do not pick up refrigerators. Ergo, you would be stuck hauling to the dump. On top of that, you would also have to pay the dump a fee to take the refrigerator because it contains refrigerant. That is quite a headache, especially if the refrigerator repairs are really something minor. Before you try to throw away an appliance that is difficult to throw away, try making these simple fixes on your own. You may be pleased with learning a simple repair skill.

Changing the Direction of the Refrigerator Door

Most people who get frustrated with their refrigerators are frustrated by the way the door opens. They do not realize that a refrigerator door can be modified to open from the opposite direction, and it does not take much to do. First, unscrew the screws in the refrigerator door hinges. Then, lift the door straight up to remove the plug component that holds the door in place when the screws and hinges are installed. Switch the hinges to the opposite end/side of the top and bottom of the refrigerator door. Then screw the screws into the available holes for the door on that side of the fridge. The job is complete when the hinges and screws are secure and the doors swing open freely from the direction opposite to the way they swung before.

Unclog the Ice Maker 

Ice makers frequently get backed up and clogged with ice. This is a nuisance when you want ice, but have to open the freezer/refrigerator door to fish out a handful of cubes. If you turn off the refrigerator, remove the ice tray, and bleed the hose that feeds into the ice maker, it will unclog itself. Then turn down the rate of cube production so that the cube-making process slows down and the hose does not become clogged again. If you need to, relocate foods from your freezer to another freezer or cooler until the ice maker is ready to use again. Do not worry about anything you have in the refrigerator section; so long as you keep the refrigerator door closed, it can stay cool for hours.

Replace the Door Handles

Refrigerators, for one reason or another, may lose their handles to breaking. Replacing the handles is not difficult. Order the replacement handles from an appliance store. Then remove the broken parts of the handles by unscrewing the screws. Follow the installation instructions to install the new handles.

If you come across any refrigerator repairs that you are unable to do on your own, contact repair services like Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration Service