Important Appliances To Make Your Studio Apartment More Comfortable

A big challenge when it comes to outfitting your new studio apparent is how to select appropriate appliances. If you just head out and buy ordinary appliances that might be well-suited for a regular apartment, you will end up with a cluttered apartment. What might be an appropriate appliance for a regularly-sized apartment will often times overpower the look of a regularly-sized studio. A one-room space, which is what almost all studios are (except for some oddly shaped L-studios) will require very clear planning when it comes to selecting the right appliances. Here are a few appliances that you should look at if you have a small space. 

An Appropriately-Sized Air Conditioner

You need an air conditioner, but you don't want one that is too big. If you get an air conditioner that is too large, you won't benefit from it. Too large an air conditioner is just as bad in many ways as too small a unit. You will run into problems where it creates too much condescension and you are left with humidity and eventually rust in the unit. So, what you want to do is get the dimensions of your space and then use this to determine the correct BTU size.

Many people are under the impression that they should just get a huge air conditioner and let it go full blast. But this isn't what you want. Instead, look at the BTU chart and select one that is appropriate. Also, if you do happen to not have a through the wall opening, and you are going to have to get a window unit, you should get one that comes with safety brackets.

A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Space is tight in your kitchen, so what you might want to do is choose a single serve coffee maker. These are small appliances that can sit right on a tiny table and you can use them to make a variety of coffees in the morning. You can also keep the small single serve coffee cups in your cupboard and it will take up less space than a big container of coffee.

A Compact Stove and Range Combo

A big stove paired along with a big oven is too much for a studio apartment. So what you should do is choose a combo unit that will save you a ton of space and also allow you to cook and also bake in your kitchen. Find units that are designed to be streamlined and will not make it so that you don't have room to turn around in your own kitchen for fear of banging into your fridge or stove.

For more information or assistance with setting up your air conditioners, contact your local appliance service today.