Still Using Coins? 4 Reasons To Switch To Integrated Card System Laundry Machines

If you own a laundromat, and your machines are still coin-operated, it's time to talk to your laundry distributor about making the switch to integrated card system machines. These machines operate using a magnetic card, instead of the traditional coins. Here are just four of the reasons you need to switch from coin-operated machines to integrated card system machines.

No Need for Coin Machines

If your machines are still coin-operated, you need to make sure that your coin machine is always filled, and functioning properly. If your coin machine is empty, or malfunctions, you'll end up losing business. When you switch to an integrated card system, you'll no longer need to worry about the coin machines, and neither will your customers. They'll be able to operate the machines without having their pockets filled with quarters.

Easy Access to Card Reloads

When the machines in your laundromat operate on an integrated card system, your customers will have easy access to card reloads. Once they receive their laundry cards, they'll be able to reload them quickly and easily each time the use your facilities. The kiosk that's installed in your laundromat will allow customers to reload their cards using a variety of methods, including cash, credit or debit cards. They can also purchase new cards from the kiosk, which means you won't need to make sure someone is onsite to handle transactions.

Increased Security for Owners

When you own a laundromat, you need to monitor the facility. That can be difficult to do if you own multiple laundromats, or you're busy with a full-time career outside of the laundry business. Even if you have onsite managers, you still need to monitor the day-to-day business activities and machine maintenance issues. When your machines operate on an integrated card system, you'll be able to monitor your machines and your facilities from anywhere you are. The system allows you to track revenue, provide refunds for card errors, and even make changes to machine costs.

Smartphone Monitoring for Customers

When you run a laundromat, you want to make sure that your customers are happy with your establishment. After all, when your customers are happy, they'll continue to return to your laundromat. Integrated card systems make using a laundromat much easier for your customers. Not only do they avoid the use of coins, but they can also monitor the machines from their smartphones. Once they've started their laundry loads, they'll receive updates to their phones, which means they can leave the laundromat and know when they need to return.

To learn more, talk to a laundry distributor near you.